Gaunts Ghosts

Gaunts Ghosts - an addition for my Sister of Battle army

I am a big fan of the Gaunts Ghosts  novels. IMO the best Warhammer 40K novels around. I also like Gavs Last Chancers or the Space Wolf novels, but the Ghosts are something special.

When the miniatures for the Ghosts came out I was delighted and also disappointed. I like the minis, but there are way to few models for a complete Ghost army.

To make the best out of the situation I decided to use them as a hardened Veteran squad for my Sister of Battle army.

Narmenian Chimera

My hardened Tanith Veterans needed a suitable transport. A Chimera was quite fitting. In the Necropolis novel Gaunt was working together quite well with General Grizmund of the Narmenian Armour Regiment.
I imagined that the Chimera was a special gift for the Tanith 1st and only.

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