NJO Ships

Star Wars - The New Jedi Order

“The Yuuzhan Vong ("Children of Yun-Yuuzhan", also called the Chosen Race, and sometimes incorrectly abbreviated to Vong, which implied that one was disowned by one's family and one's gods) were a sentient species which nearly destroyed the New Republic, and were responsible for the deaths of nearly 365 trillion sentients during their invasion of the galaxy.” Wookiepedia

For me the Vong story line was simply the best of the expanded universe so far. I know that many did not liked them and think that they are not fitting into the SW universe, for me they were a very believable villainous race.

Yuuzhan Vong Yorik-et aka a “Coralskipper” - Shapeways design by Mels Minis.

"The yorik-et, referred to as a coralskipper or skip by New Republic forces, was the Yuuzhan Vong version of a starfighter during their invasion of the galaxy.
The yorik-et was a bioship made from yorik coral, since the Yuuzhan Vong despised mechanical technology as an abomination. It was grown instead of manufactured so no two coralskippers looked alike. Despite this, every coralskipper shared some basic features, such as a dark canopy, and a triangular body. The coralskipper's pilot could communicate with the craft via a special mask called a cognition hood at the cockpit."
from starwars.wikia

I could simply not resist the urge to do a small conversion. The wings are old plastic GW Dark Eldar jetbike parts covered in Milliput, giving a rough surface by poking in the Milliput with a sculpting tool. Best thing - the Vong are very good printed in WSF! The rough surface works fine since the Coralskippers should be rocklike...
So the two blue Skips are FUD while the brown conversion is based on a WSF print.

Legacy Era

One of the most prominent and iconic Fighter of the Legacy Era was the Stealth X! Mel did it again, a FANTASTC model of this little craft.
The StealthX featured equipment that hid the craft both visually and from sensors, though the craft's position was given away if proton torpedoes were used or if the pilot broadcasted over the comlink. The StealthX was used exclusively by Jedi, as the restrictions on comm usage made it nearly impossible for anyone other than a Jedi to coordinate with other forces.

The only known use of StealthXs by non-Jedi occurred in 44 ABY, when Wedge Antilles and Tycho Celchu flew a pair on a mission to retrieve Wraith Squadron from Vandor-3. However, they deliberately made no use of the fighter's stealth features.


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