Proton Rangers

Captain Gamma and the Proton Rangers

The Proton Rangers were once responsible for law and order throughout the 4 Dimensions however, in a battle with the Dragon Men of Hydrus the Rangers were betrayed by one of their own: Commander Algol, who sent the heroes hurtling into a black hole on the orders of his master: Major Canis who himself was carrying out a military coup on Earth and needed the Rangers out of the way.
10 years later the Rangers return from the Black Hole having not aged a day, and equipped with mysterious new alien technology. The Rangers set out to bring peace and Justice back to the galaxy which has now fell under the Tyrannical Canis and his Earth bases Empire: The Ursus Protectorate. ( Cue: Fanfare and theme tune!)


Captain Gamma: Stalwart square jawed hero. Fights for Truth and Justice to beyond the Fourth Dimension! Known for his Gamma sucker punch whereby he feigns with his right fist only to deliver a left handed power punch to his opponents jaw.

Klug Pluton: A huge strong man who is fiercely loyal to his Captain. Klug likes a flagon of Venusian Marsh wine and a good fight. He is an excellent mechanic. His father was in the military but went missing with his entire legion, many years ago. Klug hopes one day to find out the truth about his father.

Jek Starkiller: Galactic Gunfighter. Jek was raised to be a gunfighter in the famous arena worlds of Camelopardalis and due to his renown he now wears the coveted Star of Equeleus, a crystalline jewel awarded to only a select number of individuals who fought and won in the infamous Arena Worlds. Jek retired unbeaten at the ripe old age of 22 whereupon he joined the Rangers. He is a little vain and can be brash, but he is unequalled in gunplay.


Lady Mira: Alien Contessa

Rukbat: Alien Bodyguard

Gunner Bede: The Spectral Flyer

Sir Ganymede

Corvus Libra

These make up the rest of the Rangers, their backgrounds will be made public with the miniatures. See more at Killer B Games website! Klug and Jek are already available. I am planning to add stats for them using Supersystem 2, IMO these minis fit perfectly in some Golden Age Superhero gaming! So stay tuned...

The Rangers will need some opponents. Who is more suitable then Khang - Emperor of the Universe and his Trooper’s from WSD games?


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