The Redemption

The Warriors of the Redemption - 2002 version!

Blood, fire and faith are the keys to absolution according to the Redemptionists of the Imperium. Dedicated to the worship of the Emperor of the Imperium as a supreme being, Redemptionists wage an ongoing struggle against all that is sinful.

Since Chapter Approved they are a Troop choice for the Sisters of Battle. Unfortunately there are not that many different models available. Because of that I made some minor conversions (mostly arm-swaps)!

Some more Redemtionist. The guy in the middle is a Flagellant with a flamer stand in. The conversion uses some Space Marine Flamer parts, the flame of a Mordheim Priest and of course the Flagellant model. I think the minis work very well together with the Zealot from the Daemonhunter range.

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