EPIC Armageddon

Unlike the 28 mm scale miniatures used to fight battles in Warhammer 40,000, the models used to fight Epic are about 6-7mm in scale. This means that your armies are larger, battles are bigger, and you can field gigantic war engines like Titans and Baneblade super-heavy tanks.

Epic brings futuristic combat to your tabletop on a whole new scale as whole companies of troops do battle among legions of the most powerful and gigantic weapons of war ever to blast their opponents to oblivion! Towering war machines stride their way across the battlefield, firing incredibly power weapons of mass destruction. Around their feet huge tanks and artillery pieces batter each other into molten scrap metal. Companies of infantrymen fight and die admidst the ruined landscape, while lightning-fast aircraft make strafing runs across their objectives below.

Epic is the now OOP GW Specialist game of 6mm (or 1/300) warfare. Armageddon was a redesigned edition and in my opinion the best edition so far. I may be not completely objective when saying this, because I was quite involved in the shaping and playtesting of this version.

When Jervis Johnson first asked me at the beginning of 2002 if I would like to get involved in the design and development of Epic’s next incarnation by becoming a member  of the ‘Titans’ team, I immediately said yes. After nearly two years on Epic Armageddon was available once again. But as many of you know GW decided to fully concentrate on their flagship game 40K and soon Epic was again OOP. The good thing , there is a healthy online community!

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