Iron Hands

I recently started an EPIC Armageddon side project. I always loved EPIC A since its release and think that the huge battles of the Heresy just need to be also played in EPIC! I plan to paint an Emperors Children and an Iron Hands army. Below is a Tactical squad (repaint of my Black Templars, therefore the Missile Launcher) with Rhino and a Sicaran tank. The Sicaran is a private sculpt of a fellow enthusiast and not commercially available.

Latest tank addition is the Spartan, again a very nice kit!

How to paint the Epic Iron Hands?

After showing the pics above I received a lot of requests about a small tutorial. Normally I really do not like to write about how I paint my minis, since there is NOTHING special.  Just all the techniques that are explained over and over on the net or countless better videos anyway.

But - here we go: Step 0 - pick a mini you like. The mini to get painted is a Spartan Assault tank. Clean the mini, remove any flash. The mini is stuck on some milliput, sand is also already applied.

I always base my minis before priming and painting since I can then grap them on the base and do not have to worry about touching freshly painted areas.

Step 1 - Prime the mini. In this case a simple matt black undercoat - obvious for Iron Hands, or?

Step 2 - apply base colours: a mixture of Vallejo Hull Red and Citadel Leadbelcher for the tracks and exhaust parts, Vallejo Black Grey for the hull and Leadbelcher again for all the other metal parts.

Step 3 - Inking - you can see that the mixture of Devlan Mud and Badab Black is still wet. For 6 mm models my usual mix of Marabu and Army Painter would be a bit thick, therefore I stick with more mundane ins.

Step 4 - Highlights. I start with Leadbelcher and mix more and more Runefang Steel into the colour.

The some Black Grey on the top surface areas of the tank. Some details here and there in Scab Red and Blood Red.

Last Steps - Detail work and edge highlights. I like my minis sharp looking and apply some white edge highlights.

 Add any transfers you like. I use Vallejo Decal Medium and Decal Fix to give the decal a good matt finish.

As you can see most of the steps above really do not need any particular skill, just a steady hand and some patience.

At the end the minis gets a  matt varnish, since I have no access to the legendary Testors, I am using Tamiya Matt Varnish these days. Done!


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