Future Combat ViDe

Future Combat is the latest game in the Victory Decision line for 2013. A lot of talk about the game and some polls already happened on the ViDe forum on LAF. Initially it started under project name “Planetfall”, but after Spartan Games announced a game under that name, I decide to rename it in Future Combat.

I added a lot of new stuff to the WW II and Gear Krieg rules. Best thing most of these rules can also be used in any of the other books! For a more in depth look into what is new, feel free to read the Design Notes (excerpt from the book).

Victory Decision: Future Combat is a comprehensive game system to using SF Infantry units and Armoured Fighting Vehicles in Victory Decision. These rules cover almost all aspects of Science Fiction wargaming, from Troop Quality and Leadership to Air Strikes, Bunker Assaults, Combat in Buildings, Psi Powers, Vehicle and VTOL combat.

Victory Decision: Future Combat features a unique Leadership-modified alternate unit activation system with an integrated Electronic Warfare aspect. The result is a fun and fast paced war game that involves both players constantly.

The rules cover individually based infantry miniatures and also group- or multibased miniatures, aka Infantry Stands. While designed with 20-28 mm miniatures in mind the Victory Decision game system is flexible enough to handle any miniatures from 6 mm to 32 mm. So whatever your existing miniature collection consists of, you can start playing right away.

This rulebook not only provides 8 generic Scenarios but also point based Force lists that can be used to represent many classic SF settings. All necessary Game Markers are also included within this book.

As with our previous books you get a full colour version with many high quality pictures of fully painted models and a mostly B&W printer friendly version.


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