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World at War: Gear Krieg - classic two-fisted Pulp Superscience vehicles; weird war at it’s best.
Dream Pod 9 and A.D. Publishing have reached an agreement for Dream Pod 9 to publish a Full Colour printed version of the e-book for our fans, World at War: Gear Krieg (DP9-ADP08, Softcover, 78 pages, Full Colour, $38.00) is now available.
If you live in Europe you may want to order the new book from A.D. Publishing to save on some shipping costs.

WaW Gear Krieg Sale!

A.D. Publishing will retail the book for 26,00 EURO + 4,00 EURO shipment in Germany (Einschreiben) and 5,00 EURO for recorded delivery for a limited time for 15,00 EURO including recorded shipment within Europe.

Orders can be made by sending an e-mail to:
Please let us know how much books you want and give us your:

  • shipping address,
  • e-mail and
  • Paypal account.

You will receive a Paypal invoice for your complete order + postage & packing. You then pay via the secure Paypal site. This system permits us to sent your book within one business day to you. In addition you are also benefiting from the buyer protection of Paypal.



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