Hammers of Faith

Hammers of Faith - Armies of the North

The world of Terra Nova is polarized. The Confederated Northern City-States are once again vying for control of the planet against the hedonistic, immoral Allied Southern Territories. Founded on Faith, strengthened with unity and tempered by war, the armies of the North stand as the bastion of righteousness on Terra Nova. The patriotic soldiers of the Northern Guard stand ready to protect their countrymen and the independent Badlanders against Southern imperialism, and even take the war to the South. But can they really defeat the Southern juggernaut?

As said on my 2007 Contest sub-site I am planning to participate in the Northern squad DP9 online painting contest. One squad is more or less done. So I was tempted to try another one and getting a valid playable force as a nice side effect. So I assembled a WFPA GP squad with a Ferret. Only to discover on the DP9 forum that a Ferret is not an option for a GP squad... :-(

Darn! But since the Ferret was already painted I decided to show it anyway! If there ever was a “cute” Gear design, it is the Ferret!


Northern General Purpose Squad

General Purpose squads are the basic troopers of any Northern Gear regiment. They form the backbone most fighting forces. Not particular adept in any specific task, they do well as generalists and can even perform light assault duties when properly outfitted.

The following squad is an experiment of mine in efficient speed painting, I need around 3 h to paint the whole squad. I am pleased with the result so far.


I had the opportunity to paint the new VTOLs for the upcoming new HG edition. Pictured is the Nothern Dragonfly.


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