NuCoal is an alliance of city-states in the badlands. The city states formed a united government to provide protection from the massive Northern and Southern polar forces that have a histroy of taking advantage of the smaller independent city-states found throughout the Badlands of Terra Nova. A controversial addition was the city-state of Port Arthur, founded by abandoned CEF forces. Port Arthur provided a strong military backbone, including over one hundred thousand GREL supersoldiers, while NuCoal developed their own military.

NuCoal became a major player during the War for Terra Nova, the CEF's second invasion attempt. The CEF has focused on targets within NuCoal's territory for unknown reasons, and NuCoal has deployed their military to repel the invaders. They are fielding a force of new designs ranging from the tiny high-speed Jerboa Recon Gear to the massive Hussar Tankstrider.

NuCoal Fusilier Hovertank

CEF GREL infantry and Frame opposing NuCoal Fusilier Hovertank


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