Paint Advice

Over the last months I am constantly receiving questions about how to paint a particular mini. Sometimes, when somebody is asking about a specific colour I am using I can answer this, most of the times I have no specific advice since I am not using any secret technique or new colour or whatever. The most important technique there is is patience, a calm hand and again patience. If you want a good paintjob on your mini, it will take some time.

I have -however- found some website that are of more help.
Steve Dean - Here you can find very useful advice.
Kevin Dallimore - Some excellent advice about specific models and some general guideline - very recommended!
Doctor Faust Painting Clinic - Nice overall advice and good links to other useful sites.
Afters reading all the amount of incredible useful info on this sites you are most certainly understanding why I do not have any further to say. On more thing about repaints...
A lot of people have asked me how I repaint Superheroes or the Star Wars minis. If I remove the prepaint etc.
I am not stripping the paint entirely, on particular thick areas I am scratching the paint away and most of the time I remove the mold lines. Then a thorough rub with a paint thinner to remove all grease and stuff. After that a coat of matt varnish that my colours are better sticking.
That's it..

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