Aegyptus, Olympus

"It is the Antediluvian Age... the time after the fall of Atlantis and before the destruction brought about by the Great Flood.  It is a time when the Children of the Gods still walked the earth, and fought great wars for their creators. To lead them in battle, the gods invested certain mighty mortals with a portion of their own power – the Harbingers.  On the bright sands of ancient Aegyptus, the Harbingers and their armies made war.

"War Gods of Ægyptus" is a game that re-creates these battles, using metal miniatures on a tabletop.  Each player collects and paints his own army, The Children of the Gods -- mortals made in the image of the proud gods of Ægyptus... Anubis, Bast, Horus, Set, Ptah, Khanum, Sebek, Thoth, Isis and Osiris. To lead the army, each player creates a Harbinger... the Fist of the Gods, the mightiest warrior of the Antediluvian Age!

After leaving GW Chris Fitzpatrick launched this great miniature range and game. IMO the minis alone are worth a try!

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