2000 Eldar

Phoenix Lords

Asurmen and Baharroth.

Dire Avenger

Just some old style all metal Dire Avenger.


The Wraithguard unit is still a nice one IMO. Their only problem is that they have to compete with all the really good Aspect Warriors for the 3 Elite slots in the army list.

Warp Spider

I loved the Warp Spider under 40K 2nd Edition. Since 3rd edition I havenít played one game with them...

Guardian Defender Antigrav Platform

The good old reliable Guardian. Equipped with an antigrav platform and Star Cannon they deal some damage.

Storm Guardians

The Storm Guardians were also done for the 40K GT 2000.  Since at that time there were no official Storm Guardian models available from GW, you have to be a bit creative.


I used mainly female Guardian bodies (all former Banshees!), the arms of the old Guardian minis and some old Eldar weapons. The problem is that the old plastic arms are no longer available at GW. Because of that I was only able of building 12 Guardians.







Old Style Guardians

A real blast from the past and also some of my earlier painting attempts. The good old all metal Guardians.

Old Style Jetbikes

Again something quite aged by now. The good old all metal Jetbikes. The one Jetbike with Shuriken Cannon is a plastic model.

Dark Reaper

The Dark Reaper conversion was done in 2000. I initially planned to use some Dark Reaper in my GT army, but dropped them in favour of 3 Warwalkers.

The conversion is as simple as it gets, snip off the web of skulls and pin a Reaper launcher to the hand. Thatís it!









I started work on some additional models for the 1st heat of the 40K GT in August. I want to take Banshees in the army. I still own some of the old Jes Goodwin models. So my first decision had to be, which models to take?

I painted both a new Banshee (sculpted by Chris Fitzpatrick) and an old model (Jes work back from the early 90s). In the end I did like the old design a bit better, so I painted some more.






One of the best vehicles in 40K is the Falcon. Equipped with a Holofield and Soul Stone it is very tough to destroy.

The only downside is the highly unreliable Pulse Laser. I normally tweak only 1 shot out of it. Because of that I equipped the Falcon with a Star Cannon. Maybe I should also give it a Shuriken Cannon under the new 4th Edition rules...

The Holofield emitter are from Forge World.




Farseer Conversion

For the 40K 2002 GT I wanted a more aggressive Farseer. The Farseer is joining the Striking Scorpion squad so I wanted a mini in a dynamic pose. Most Farseer models look a bit static, which is OK considering their background.

For my army I needed something different. So I digged out the Necromunda Farseer and an old Eldrad mini. I switched some arms, added an old Harlequin Shuriken pistol and - instant Farseer ready. (As a nice side effect I also updated Eldrad to a 3rd edition Farseer.)

Eldar Avatar and Seer Council

The Avatar was my 1st and only attempt of winning anything at the Golden Demon. I entered the GD 1999 in Germany with this miniature. The mini made it in the finals - but unfortunately nothing more. Anyway, I still think the mini is good enough to show.

The Seer Council was used (at least the minis) at the 40K GT 2000. Painting Farseers and Warlocks was always something special for me. Clear lines, nice runes - beautiful.








War Walker

The design is a bit aged now, but with the shift to shooting in the latest 40K edition, the good old War Walker is still a nice option.
















Kyriella - Striking Scorpion Exarch

Kyriella was a conversion Iíve done for the 40K GT 2000. IMO Striking Scorpions are by far the most point efficient CC unit in the Eldar list. I had great fun playing with them.

The mini is a quite simple conversion. I used a female Guardian body, the head and sword of the Scorpion Phoenix Lord and the arms of the old Guardian mini.






Eldar Wave Serpent

It all started in 1999. There was no official Wave Serpent model around and I really wanted one for my Eldar army. I then noticed a conversion idea from a guy named Roy Bann. I ordered his conversion plans and started working on my Serpent.

I took a lot from his ideas, but also added some personal twists - and of course: a way better paintjob. ;-)

The turret is the usual spoon solution, all the rest is made out of plasticard and some pieces from a Fire Prism kit.

So the first Wave Serpent for my close combat Guardian squad was ready, but I wanted more! My super elite Striking Scorpions needed some fast transport.

I had to build a second one. But this time I wanted the folded up generator / emitter look of the Epic model. I kept the original design of Royís wing extensions but folded them more and more up along the model. I really liked the overall look. I received many very nice comments at the 40K tournament 2000. I must admit that I like the Forge world gun turrets and crew compartment extension more then my rather crude looking plasticard version, but honestly: I think the folded up wing extension look of my model still looks cooler.

Fortunately - all a matter of personal taste.  ;-)

Eldar Night Spinner

I think the Eldar Night Spinner was the first Eldar Forgeworld conversion kit since endless tank variations for the Guard. Being the fanatical modeller and financial idiot that I am, I immediately ordered one kit. Then, as usual the kit was lying around for months. But eventually I started to work on the kit.

I really liked the cannons and the huge fins for the backdoor. But where are the wing extensions? I always liked the small wing extensions of the Epic model. But after mastering the serious extensions for the Serpent the small wings of the Nightshade are a piece of cake.

Eldar Scorpion Super Heavy tank

One of the Forgeworld additions to the Eldar - now OOP. A nice enough copy of the EPIC 40.000 design. The 40K model lacks a bit of detail and is a bit on the costy side, but still a great model.


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