Again a new project, Iyanden Ghostwarriors. My favourite Craftworld is Ulthwe, but Iyanden always was a close second. So once the new plastic Wraithguard minis came out I bought a box, but since 40K 6th, 7th edition was for me unplayable the gathered dust. With 8th edition that changed! So time for a small new side project, maybe I will combine the minis in an Ynnari force with my Pirates!

Current Wave Serpent in my interpretation of the Iyanden colours. The dark blue used by GW was always a bit too harsh for me, I wanted a lighter faded, more Ghost like colour. So I used Averland Sunset Primer, Then some airbrush white highlights and finally the Anarchy stencil HS Dragon scales I used on my Pirates. The underside of the Serpent was spayed with a mixture of Macragge Blue and Temple Guard blue, the blue on the top is pure Temple Guard blue, mixed in white on the energy shield fins.

I did not used as much white edge highlights as usual for a more subtler approach. The Wraithguard is an old metal Guard painted as test for the colours.

1st of the new plastic Wraithguard, I knew the model is good, but whoahhh - it IS good!


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