In 1988 the Harlequins were released as a Regiments of Renown box set, which was referred to in the White Dwarf 105 September 1988 advert. This boxed set had really great cover art, which really sold it. The range was later expanded with blisterpacks, which can be seen advertised in White Dwarf 107 November 1988.

These Harlequins all have 1988 on the slotta, except for the High Avatar 1 which has 1989. The latter came out as part of the in store limited Skulz promotion, but was later made available with the others. A Jetbike and a Great Harlequin were also made available.

In 2015 GW re-launched their Harlequins range. For the first time a multipart plastic set! I followed their announcements closely and I have to admit, I am deeply tempted to get some. Tempted enough to dust off some of my old RT era minis ...

I repainted the bases from their old school green to my usual standard colours these days. Just like I did for my Guardians.

All the rest stayed pretty much the same. A solid but today unfashionable paint job, I even kept the old colour metallics!

So here we are, Troupe Leader and Death Jester.

And a five player Troupe.

The minis are IMO still OK even with todays resin casts (not painted by me). Bit small, but OK.

The original 3 Death Jester from 1988.

I finally started to paint some of the new plastic Harlequin range. As said above I was impressed just seeing the kits, but to build one, to see the huge range of customisation possibilities - I am in awe!

1st model - a Starweaver! But since I still have some of the ancient metal Harlequins (shown above), I wanted a Starweaver that would fit my old mini in style and colour. In addition I wanted to use my Anarchy stencil Diamond pattern to mask the hull and use my airbrush. Below is a WIP shot of the model. The amazing thing was, that I could spray the hull in one setting. After priming the hull black, I sprayed some highlights in purple, then I simply hold the high speed stencil to the model and sprayed some orange and yellow on the model. After letting it dry I applied some blue and yellow glaze, you can see the result below on the left side. The right side (the upper hull) also benefits from some black lines in the hull lines, and some white edge highlights.
Some transfers, all the red gems and done!

A model like this needs a bit special base or? So I used a head of Scibors base decoration, an Eldar ruin piece, some milliput and so on.

My 2nd model is a Solitaire. I have to admit, I need some time to get used to it.

I an way I am very old fashioned, I do not like too extravagant poses or “special effects” like smoke or something like this, way too busy for me.

But after assembling the Solitaire and the very 1st brushes I liked the mini, it certainly has a very dynamic beauty.

I took some extra care on the freehand Solitaire rune.











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