Eldar Terrain

When I started collecting Eldar back in the 1990s there were some metal minis and that was it. Today we even have Eldar terrain!

The above piece is from the restic Deathworld Forest set.

I also noticed some supporting companies that made suitable terrain pieces. The webway entrance below is from Miniatures scenery, a mdf sheet named Elven Dais. It is not really expensive, but after shipment and German sales taxes it was too costly. In addition it was a pain to build.
Do not get me wrong you can build it straightaway and it looks OK, the problem is that the edges are too sharp, looking more like Dark Eldar but not like a wraithbone Craftworld construct! So A LOT of sanding was required...
After some subtle airbrushing and the pice was ready. I may even add some of the new vines from GW.



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