The Asar are known in other lands as men. When Ægyptus was young, they came to the Land of the Nile fleeing some long-forgotten evil, and the god Osiris gave them sanctuary, adopting them as his own Children. Peacefully, they dwelt with their fellow Ægyptians, acting as the administrators and officials of Ægyptus. All that has changed when Osiris was murdered by treacherous Set, and their city of Abydos was besieged by the dark god's army. Since that time, the Asar have become a fragmented people. When Abydos was razed, the Asar were left without a home. More so, they were left without their heritage and history. The Great Cities of the Gods are more than just protecting walls and sheltering buildings; they are expressions of the god's natures and reminders of their divine will.

Their own city destroyed, some Asar found shelter in the other cities of Ægyptus, and have come to be called the City-Dwellers. Over the centuries, these city-dwelling Asar have changed. Because Osiris was dead, the City-Dwellers began to worship the gods of other races. In time, they adopted the other races' customs as their own. The changes in the City-Dwellers are dramatic, and the adopted race of a city-dwelling Asar is easily determined by his appearance. But the differences are more than just cosmetic. Often, a City-Dweller's personality is even more extreme than that of his adopted race. Though a few among the Children of the Gods still scorn the city-dwelling Asar, with the passing of centuries they have come to be tolerated by the other races and accepted by the gods they serve. Some City-Dwellers have even been granted a taste of the divine Ka, and made Harbingers of their adopted god.


Not all of the Asar took up residence with the other races. Too proud to beg for shelter, too angered by the treachery that allowed Osiris to be killed, they remained in the desert, aloof from the other Children of the Gods. Divided into small tribes, they wander from oasis to oasis, waiting for a sign that their self-imposed exile is over. Their city destroyed by Set, they have made a home in the harsh desert, where ironically only the Children of Set were able to survive before. Mounted on hardy camels, they trek across the desert, all their worldly belongings bundled behind their saddles. Those unable to ride travel in howdahs on the backs of shaggy, four-legged behemoths called sauroths. The nomadic Asar are called many names by the other races - the Desert Dwellers, the People of the Sands, the Mourners - but they call themselves the Dispossessed.

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