The crocodile-headed Sebeki are a brutish and brutal race. Small russet eyes stare stupidly from their massive heads. Oozing strands of yellowish saliva drip from their long toothy maws. The voice of a Sebeki is a guttural, yawning grumble. They speak rarely and never at length. When they do speak, their garbled words are often interrupted by grunts, snorts, belches and snarls. The Sebeki have little to say and dislike such niceties as words. When a Sebeki chooses to express himself, he makes his feelings clear by an abrupt snap of his strong jaws, or with bruising punches and forceful shoves.

The Sebeki are short in stature, but as thick as two Asar. They are the strongest of the Children of the Gods, and there is no doubting their strength. Their whole body radiates physical power. From their barrel-chested torsos, wide, powerful shoulders and hips to their thickly-thewed, bandy arms and legs. Their skin is covered with hard scales of moss-green, strong enough to turn a sword's blade. Their backs are stooped, and they shamble with a clumsy gait, dragging behind a huge, sharp-ridged tail.

The Sebeki's bent posture and hulking walk makes them appear as if they would be more comfortable on four legs than only two - as if they had only recently left their bestial counterparts of the marshy Delta to walk upright as the other Children of the Gods. In truth, the Sebeki are more comfortable in water than on land. When swimming, they move swiftly and gracefully, their eyes protruding dangerously just above the surface of the placid water; their tail undulating behind them.


While they are fearsome and terrifying when enraged, the Sebeki do not have long memories like the vengeful Heru. Unlike the Children of Horus, they are quick to forget wrongs done to them. For all their violence and savagery, the Children of Sebek are not ireful and bloodthirsty like the Typhon. Nor do they possess the sly cunning or wily intelligence of the Children of Set. Instead, they are guided by primal needs and possessed of uncomplicated appetites. The crude, primitive desires of the bestial Sebeki are easily understood and simply put: plentiful sustenance, available partners for copulation and rowdy brawling.

The Sebeki are omnivorous and have insatiable appetites. They will attempt to devour anything they can tear with their teeth, chomp in their jaws and squeeze down their gullets. For both males and females of the race, the urge to breed is nigh irresistible, and there is no inappropriate time or place for savage coupling. Rarely does a Sebeki turn away from a fight, whether he is an instigator, or an uninvolved bystander. He only walks away from a fight when the brawlers are too weak and puny to put up much of a struggle. A Sebeki does not fear injuring those weaker than himself. He does not have the foresight to realize that his punishing bashes could harm someone. Instead, he only chooses not to fight because he understands that it will over too quickly, and there will be little amusement.

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