The cat-headed Basti are a sly, amoral and pleasure-loving race. Filled with mischief and irony, their amber eyes forever scrutinize their surroundings, appraising the appearance of their fellows. The Basti put great value in beauty, and always seek to be among the most beautiful people, in the most elegant of settings. Whatever the circumstances - whether the bedchambers of a lover or the midst of a battle - the Basti take great care with their appearance. For this, the Children of the Basti are rightly considered vain.

The vanity of the Basti is not without cause. In many ways, they are the epitome of Ægyptian beauty. The males are wiry with narrow hips and broad shoulders. The females are curvaceous with slender waists and shapely legs. They have a natural grace that is apparent even in the slightest gesture, and are possessed of an innate dexterity. The males move with a sinuous swagger, never hesitating or stumbling. The females walk with an enticing seductive sway of their hips. Their skin is smooth, soft and the color of honey. Forever concerned with their appearance, both males and females paint their faces to highlight their captivating eyes, or accentuate their high cheekbones. They robe their supple-limbed bodies in alluring garments woven from the finest fabrics. They dress not to conceal their lithe, comely bodies, but instead to increase their desirability.

the voice of a Basti is a roguish, languid purr. They are a sophisticated, clever race, and none can match them in insightful, biting mockery. Like a cat playing with its prey, they are fond of taunting their critics. A favorite target are the Heru, and many a times a stoic Heru has been left sputtering ands stammering after the abusive ridicule of a Basti. Perhaps most aggravating to the other Ægyptians, the Basti, whatever the accusation, always seem unperturbed and composed. Never flustered, they only reply calmly to their accusers with stinging, incisive insults.

For all their taunts and insults, the Basti are also capable of being incredibly charming and persuasive. Even the most doubtful listener in the most dubious circumstances is often swayed by their sweet words, spoken in a soothing, convincing voice. Many cynically claim that the BAsti only use this talent to lie, cheat and keep themselves from receiving just punishment. It is safe to say these cynics are not entirely wrong.

Above all else, the Basti are hedonists. Their goddess, Bast, is the mistress of cats and Lady of Pleasures, and in keeping with their goddess' proclivities, the heart's desire of most Basti is to live a life of unending sensual delight, free from worry or concern. They treasure carnal delights - whether it be the joys of the flesh, the excesses of a drunken night, or the raptures of more exotic amusements. They are a sensual race, forever seeking new ecstasies. They can barely resist the lure of physical gratification, and it is impossible for them to resist the temptation of a pleasure never tried.

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