VaS Aircraft

One of the good things in VaS is the fact that you also use aircraft in the game. The game comes with some nice counters to represent them but for me it was good excuse to buy some more models. Most of my ships are in 1/2400. A bit too tiny for aircraft. Since I like a forced perspective a went for 1/600.

Still small but big enough to identify the aircraft.

Each model is mounted on a magnet for easier transportation and storage. In the game it represents a whole flight of 4 to 6 planes.

The following models are all from the "Vapour Trails" range of Tumbling Dice. I bought them at Dom’s decals.

To the left is a FW 190.



Right some Me 109 and Ju 87.






A good old He 111.

He 111 uder protection of some FW 190 fighters...



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