The Imperial Japanese Navy - IJN

Japan was graphically shown the power of modern warships in the latter years of the 19th century when an American armoured cruiser squadron bombarded port facilities which had only cannon firing stone shot to reply with. From then onward it was obvious that Japan would no longer be able to ignore the rest of the world. She needed technology, and as an island power, she needed a modern navy.

Turning for assistance to Britain, then the world’s foremost naval power, Japan quickly created a powerful modern fleet, which fought successfully against Korea and Russia in the years that followed. It was this capable and confident navy that came out to fight the American Pacific Fleet and those of the Allies.

All miniatures below are from C&C’s 1/2400 Micronauts. The air planes and the crane are additions from GHQ kits. Both line work very well together.

The Haruma - a Kongo-class Battlecruiser

The Maya - a Takao-class Cruiser

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