or “How to get more out of 1/2400 ship models..”

The following text is intended as a description of how to build and modify existing 1/2400 scale ship models. For more info on painting miniatures, see my Paint advice section - not a real how to section, but a pointer to some good sites!

It all starts with a model and a fitting plasticard base. I am always sanding the plasticard and clip away the edges to get a more round look. The above resin model is from Panzerschiffe and had a bit basic look for my taste. But it comes at only $ 4.50 and it was the only available kit of the P-Kreuzer...

I had some spare turrets of the Bismarck and Gneisenau GHQ kits. After dremeling the resin stuff away I glued some thin plasticard “armoured” decks to the places that were a bit damaged after using the dremel. The main mast is a wire, the cranes and the plane are also by GHQ.

I then applied with an old brush some Vallejo 26204 Atlantic Blue Water effect to the base to get a wavelike texture. You can “sculpt” the water with a brush.

After drying a black undercoat was sprayed and the water and base colours are painted on. The colours I used are Vallejo 824 Orange Ochre for the deck, V 862 Black Grey with some white for the rest of the ship. Since the deck had no detail at all on it I painted a wood like structure on it. Basically just some tiny lines of Ochre with mixed in white. The whole model then gets a very thinned down black wash. The superstructures are then painted again in a medium grey and the edges get a pure white highlight.

Some more detailing (the plane) and highlighting on the guns and some transfers - DONE!


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