VaS Royal Navy

The Royal Navy

The Royal Navy of Great Britain was the world’s greatest navy at the outbreak of World War II, as might be expected from an island power with a far-flung empire. As a result of the Treaty of Washington, which restricted the size and numbers of new-built capital ships, Britain went to war with mainly World War I-vintage vessels, plus those built in the post-war naval race subsequently curtailed by the Washington Treaty.
With interests in every part of the world, Britain needed large numbers of ships to cover her trade routes and her foreign territories. One reason for the Washington treaty was to curb the increasing spending on naval assets that would eventually lead to ruin. In the wake of the treaty there was little money for new ships.

An ungainly ship the Nelson or Rodney (as far the appearance is concerned). Personally I just love the brutal sight of the 3 main turrets.

The 3 opponents of the Graf Spee: Exeter, Achilles and Ajax.

Three K-Class Destroyer:


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