Aeon Trinity

Trinity is the first published game in the Trinity Universe trilogy, and the final entry in the trilogy chronologically. Trinity is a science fiction game set in the early 22nd century, a time referred to as both the Trinity Era and the Unity Age. Psions are the protagonists and player characters of the game.

Trinity (and the larger Trinity Universe) was created on a very short timeline, conceived and created a mere 10 months before publication. It was designed as a replacement for the Exile game spearheaded by Mark Rein•Hagen, who took the game with him when he left active involvement at White Wolf in 1996. Trinity was the first Trinity Universe game published, and originally was called ĆON (so all the Trinity Universe games began with an A). It was renamed Trinity to avoid legal problems with MTV's Aeon Flux. Early editions of Trinity with the ĆON title are rarities.

In 2012, Onyx Path Publishing purchased the full rights to the Trinity Universe, and are planning their own new edition, to be titled the Trinity Continuum: Ćon.

The game gets a BIG relaunch at the moment, a Kickstarter is running to revive the game line! As long time fan I immediately jumped at the opportunity and backed the game.

While the Kickstarter is purely about the RPG, Trinity was more, back in 1997/ 1998 it was also a miniature game - Trinity: Battleground. It's notable for being White Wolf's first — and to date, only — foray into miniatures gaming. The rules were straightforward, and based of the Storyteller System. Converting characters between systems wasn't very difficult.

Strike Team Psion from the boxed game - Somers, Jameson, Dr. Sager (Blister packed metal mini), Bayta, Williams

Strike Team from blisters packed metal minis - Sage, Lu Chen, Jon Holt, Juanos Palmero, Montrose

Unfortunately, Trinity suffered from lower sales than its World of Darkness counterparts.

IMO the release date timing  was not well chosen, the game was release more or less at the same time as GWs 40K 3rd edition and Warzone 2nd edition.

So despite its ease of playability, detailed setting and and how fun it was, a miniatures game based on Trinity turned out to be a financial failure. A mere six months after its initial 1998 release, it went out of print.

A real shame as far as I am concerned since the game was in many aspects ahead of it's time, alternate unit activation opposed dice rolls etc.

Battleground's default setting presented characters as members of the Legions or as Aberrants fighting for control of Khantze Lu Ge. While very similar to Trinity, the settings were not identical. For example, Trinity's Strike Team Psion was a popular animated series distributed on the OpNet. In Battleground, it's an actual Strike Team.

Aberrants - Krikquill , Caul Fein and Fhata Khan- from the core box

The 2 main Aberrants -Gomorra and Nazul - from the core box

Some Background information

Assuming Battleground would have continued, several supplements were planned. The first was to be called Trinity: Battleground - LoneStar, and would further open up character options. Characters would be either members of Orgotek or from the Federated States Military, fighting in the Tex-Mex District.

The next supplement was to have been called Trinity: Battleground - ChromePrime, featuring the invasion of Chrome Prime as seen in Alien Encounter 1: Invasion. It would open up character options to include members of the Ćsculapian Order, the Ministry and ISRA, as well as Chromatics.

The final supplement mentioned was one involving the Norça and the Qin. The name and setting are unknown. It's possible that two more supplements would have followed, the first involving the Upeo wa Macho and the Coalition, and the second involving the Chitra Bhanu and the Doyen.

All miniatures well sculpted by veteran Bob Naismith. 20 years ago the miniatures were on par with contemporary releases, for today’s standards (2018), they suffer from the usual, Big feet, hands and head syndrome.

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