Mutant Chronicles: Warzone was a very nice miniature game back in the 90s. Really good and at that time innovative rules, some nice minis and some very ugly minis. At that time it was THE alternative to Warhammer 40K 2nd edition. The game was quite unbalanced, some fraction were obviously better then others - I still loved the game!

Target games tried to balance the game again with their 2nd edition. Unfortunately they brought a nice big box of plastic minis plus the new rules at the same moment on the market when 40K 3rd edition came out.

Ultimately they failed and the game went into hiatus for years. Recently a new edition came out. I still can not say anything about the game, since I did not played one game so far ...

Brotherhood Trooper and Mishima Crimson Devil.

Prodos Games was kind enough to send me 5 Undead Legionnaires. Here is what you get:

Crisp cast, high level resin parts. Enough to build 5 Legionnaires in many different poses. The material seems to be sturdy and is very light.

Once assembled they look like this:

I needed just a little bit of greenstuff to smooth the shoulder parts. All the rest was more or less a perfect fit.

After the full paint job.

And the very 1st Warzone Resurrection Dark Legion mini painted. I used the 30 mm Prodos asked me to use, IMO the base is a bit too big for the mini. While painting the mini I realises ho detailed and realistic (OK, as much as a far future undead soldier can be realistic) proportioned the mini is. The head and hands are really small when compared to other minis. The comparison shot below makes it evident.

From left to right: 1st Ed Warzone Mishima Samurai, current Undead Legionnaire prototype, Space Marine and Infinity trooper.

All in all I am very exited about the new range, I am very happy that I already pledged on this project. The bases are not really my thing and the mini is  a bit on the small 28 mm side, maybe a slight upscaling before going into final production is recommended. Warzone as good as it gets!

Another comparison: current Undead Legionnaire prototype and old WZ Cybertronic Hero Vince Diamond.

The Capitol miniatures below are from their 1st edition.

Free Marines

Free Marine Hero

Martian Banshees

Martian Banshee Captain

Desert Scorpions

Desert Scorpion Captain

Big Bob Watts and Specialist

Jake Kramer





Crimson Devil

Ronin Samurai

Tiger Dragon Leader

Tiger Dragons


Hatamoto Hero

Dragon Bike

Combat Warhead

Suicide Warhead

Shadow Walkers

Death Bringer




Demon Hunter

Ameterasu (High Priestess)

Demon Hunter Flamer

Also time to show an old Chronopia Stygian mini...

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