“On its endless journey through the heavens, the good ship Astropolis has picked up more than its fair share of new crew and passengers. Long gone are the days when Terrans made up the majority of shipdwellers, and by and large the coming and going of human peoples and alien folk has been peaceful and profitable.

The increasing level of decay and entropy, though, means that times are getting tough, and the ship has little time for idleness. In the vast caverns of the mass decks, a thriving culture of barter trade and transport has developed, where ship-board product like hydroponic food is offered next to off-ship imports brought aboard by regular and occasional visitors.

Some alien species have become ubiquitous, whereas others are only encountered from time to time, as their ships put down in the busy docking bay areas to unload cargo and passengers from systems nearby. Some alien species have become ubiquitous, whereas others are only encountered from time to time, as their ships put down in the busy docking bay areas to unload cargo and passengers from systems nearby.

Spare parts in particular are a prime commodity, and the more technologically-inclined visitors can make a good living by providing the nuts and bolts to keep another vital system running. In a similar vein, raw materials for the production processes and a variety of fuels, from hydrogen to power cores crafted from exotic minerals are always in high demand.

It is probably inevitable that the hardships of this environment and the innate nature of many creatures, be it Terrans or Galacticans, lead to disputes and sometimes open conflict. For this reasons, adventurous individuals who make a living as bodyguards or “troubleshooters” will easily find employ with on-board and off-ship traders looking to protect their commercial interests, or to safeguard one of the many communities which have sprung up in Astropolis’ underbelly.
from the Astropolis KS description.

Lord Navigator and Navigation Processor

Generally-speaking, the Astropolis follows a Long Plan devised many centuries ago prior to the launch of the ship.

The design of the cosmic engines only allows for minor alterations, with course changes being measured in months rather than minutes. Still, it is necessary to approach systems as the ship comes close to replenish stocks and conduct trade, and these changes are the task of the Lord Navigator.

Using innate psychic abilities, they plot courses for years and decades to come, always in close cooperation with the Chief Quartermaster; the actual calculations are performed by the cyborgs called “Navigation Processors”, who meld the intuitive factors of the human mind with the raw computing power of nanoquant calculating engines.

Kroglogg Hunters

Despite their alien, intimidating physiognomy, the Krogloggs are a peaceful species by nature. A large number of Krogloggs immigrated to Astropolis a century ago when their own ship suffered a catastrophic systems failure, and they now have become a common sight in the halls and corridors of the great city ship.

As many other sectors of the great ship, the Kroglogg communities are plagued from time to time by various creatures great and small which dwell in the reclamation sections.

Organic waste compactors, in particular, have become small biotopes, and some of these creatures require the attention of the Hunters.

Armed with neutron-array linear emitter rifles, they safeguard man and alien alike from the beasts that roam the dark.

Kroglogg Engineer and Assistant

Kroglogg technology is sufficiently advanced to be only partly understood by humans.

Their own engineering teams are rather busy in maintaining their own communities’ equipment, but also in high demand to help with the repair of crucial ship-systems.







Shown here are my 1st couple of Astropolis minis, all from the 1st KS, the current KS - linked above - is expanding the range. The minis are typical LAM minis, classic heavy metal minis, shockful of character! So I just had to get them... These minis fit IMO every old Rogue Trader GW mini range.

Astropolis Space Merchant

Astropolis Space Merchant and Landing Party Assitant

Citadel Techpriest, Astropolis Space Merchant and GW Servitor conversion

Spaceship Engineer and some assistant Bots.

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