HINT - Nakamura Tower

HINT Nakamura Tower was successfully funded via a Kickstarter. Hint (abbreviation for Human Interface Nakamura Tower) is a board game taking place in near future (2040), in a cyberpunk world that is dominated by cyber technologies and the dirty tactics of mighty corporations and powerful governments.

A world that is all about the quickness of reaction and the speed of fired bullets (from the linked website).


A very good KS campaign, in addition a company with weekly updates since the KS and very good customer communication. I received my pledge more or less on time and was positively blown away by the sheer quality of the product.

Very crisp cast metal minis with almost no flash. Great fitting too. In addition solid rule books and gaming material, I have not played the game yet, but I definitely like what I got so far.


The above minis are from the 3rd faction, Nakamura Tower’s defence system gone wild after a virus upload. From left to right: Muramasa Drone, AI Avatar, Masamune Drone; bases are from Sedition Wars and Micro Art.


THE MERCS (ÜBERMENSCH) – a gang hired by Micromachines corporation, Nakamura's relentless enemy, backed by a few 'specialists'.

At the beginning the Übermensch was a social concept, mostly popular among celebrities and athletes. Wide availability of cybernetic implants and cyber-bodies has led some people to seek appearance alteration and efficiency improvements through exchange of body parts and organs for cybernetic counterparts.

Peer pressure and strict regulations in sports or public service meant the technology was closely controlled.

The Übermensch went underground, turning more and more radical in the fight for free access to cybertech. It was not long before they became a loose net of criminal groups, something between Yakuza and Al Kaida. In search for means to their goals they often turned to terror tactics, extortion and robbery.


The Übermensch are famous for striving to alter their bodies with cybertech as much as possible, seeing it as a way to 'better' the human race. People without any implants are despised within their ranks and a full cyber-body is kept in highest regard.

They are ruthless, and their presence is a sure sign of impending trouble (read: absolute riot). They are also a very dangerous foe because of the latest equipment and psychotic behaviour, often observed among them.

Cyber-shock is commonplace within the group which is understandable given they are more machine than man.





Tome Kosuda and Harvey Scott


Shoko Takayama

Ghost in the Shell stand-Ins: Batou, a Tachikoma and Major Motoko Kusanagi

A Tachikoma is an AI walker/roller tank in the Ghost in the Shell universe, appearing only in the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex sub-universe. They are best described as a "spider type multi leg/multi ped combat vehicle equipped with artificial intelligence", possessing the ability to act as both personnel transport units and mobile weapons platforms. Tachikoma are the size of a small car, and are of a middle-blue colour, with four "eyes" fitted on the surface of their bodies.

Major Motoko Kusanagi (Stand in for the HINT Twins - Mei-Lin Mayfair 2.0 mini from Statuesque Minis)

The Oneda Twins (Stand in for the HINT Twins - minis from Statuesque Minis)

The Cyborg Hunter Mercenary (small conversion, bow from an Infinity mini, the rest is HINT), when I 1st saw the sketch during the KS I immediately thought - future Arrow! So I just HAD to convert him accordingly.


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