Starship Troopers

"The new 30 mm science fiction game in 2005. Starship Troopers brings the action of the novel, film and TV series straight to the tabletop.

Do you want to know more?

Collect armies of the Mobile Infantry, Arachnids and Skinnies (and that is just for starters - there are far more aliens out there in the galaxy!) and compete for the very survival of your species.

With a game system designed by Andy Chambers, plastic miniatures sculpted by Bob Naismith, and the background created by one of the most influential science fiction writers of the 20th Century, Starship Troopers has a pedigree that is hard to beat. Whether they choose to side with the Arachnids or Mobile Infantry, players will find they have a wide variety of options that extends far beyond army list choices - each force has an astounding array of tactics and ploys with which to defeat opponents, from capsule drops and tunnelling to the deployment of atomic weapons, air strikes and psychic Brain Bugs!"

That was Moongoose intro for the Starship Troopers mini game. The game is now long OOP.

I have bought the game box in 2005 and really liked what I saw. Lots of minis, nice rulebook, some dice and  counters.

On to the models: I like the Bug models a lot. Really big (see the size comparison) and very easy to build and paint (I finished mine in 30 Min).

The Mobile Infantry is a different story. They are true to the CGI design but are IMO a bit sloppy in the sculpt. Yes they are multi posable, but somehow you always came to the same pose. The minis have a lot of mold lines and the plastic is quite hard. Plastic glue is not always working. However - After painting some of them I am really used to them.


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