WW2 desert campaigns always interested me. Only downside so far, no really nice 28 mm minis available. That changed when my friend Tom introduced Artizan to me.
Artizan Designs is a small Company that produces some very nice WW2 miniatures. The quality of these minis get me finally into WW2 painting and gaming. Artizan's initial releases consists of some 28 mm Deutsches Afrika Korps and British Eighth Army, they also got Commandos, Long Range Desert Group, Italians and Americans. Very nice models indeed and the range is constantly growing.

The picture below shows miniatures of various companies, see below for more information.

Chieftain Sdkfz 250 Alt 1:56

Models from Chieftain are always fun to build. With every kit you get a huge load of extra parts to customise your kits. The 250 Alt is no exception, extra webbing, jerry cans, interior etc.!


Force of Arms Pz III H 1:56

FoA is a strangely low profile company that produces very fine 1/56 scale vehicles for the growing Modern and WW2 28 mm market. You can only reach them by e-mail but you can download the latest catalogue here.

The shown Panzer III H does not seem to be in their catalogues anymore, a shame it is very nice kit and works perfectly with the Waffenkammer Pz IV! The Infantry minis are from the Artizan range.

The kit comes with metal parts to also build the Ausführung M with armour upgrade.


Minis from Bolt Action minis

Bolt Action Minis is a new company. As you may have noticed in my mini comparison - I like their minis. The Medic is the first I have painted from their range. I group him together with the Communications Officer and 1 Officer and 2 Sentries from Mike Owens DAK range. As you can see they really work quite well together.

For some while BAM is also producing WW2 1/56 scale vehicles to compliment their growing range of WW2 minis. One of their last is the splendid SdKfz 250 Neu by the talented hands of Olaf Meys. A really nice kit that comes in 2 resin pieces and some metal accessories (the gunshield, 2 MG 42 and the rear MG mount). All is cast in crisp quality with very little air bubbles. The detail of the kit is great and absolutely on par with the NZWM vehicles, maybe even better. Highly recommended!


Some Germans from Victory Force Miniatures

Victory Force Miniatures are an American based company that are doing some nice WW2 models. They are fitting to Anthony’s vehicles and to the fine Artizan minis. Recommended! The good thing about their minis is the dynamic posing and the highly detailed sculpting.

Some Germans from Crusader minis

Two MG 34 Germans in Africa colour from Crusader. Since Crusader is using the same weapons (no size difference) as Artizan these lines are highly compatible.

The pinned marker in the back is from Bolt Action.






Some more Crusader minis:


PaK 36 AT Gun Team

PaK 36 by BAM - Officer by Brigade Games “The Ends of the Earth” range "German Afrika Korps I pack"


A Jäger Scharfschütze der Fallschirmjäger-Brigade Ramcke - 1942. The model is from Black Tree. Nice sculpt and scale wise fitting to my other WW2 models


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