Late War US

Winter War US troops

1/56 M-18 Hellcat (tank and crew by Company B)

1/56 M-18 Hellcat (tank and crew by Company B)

1/72 T28 superheavy GMC (tank Cromwell, crew AB)

Artizan 27mm US gun and crew.

These late war US troops are painted by my friend Tom Weiss for me. Finally some opponents for my late war Germans.

The minis above are a mixture of Artizan Miniatures and some of West Winds SHS Heads. The M3 is as usual a Sands Model. I had some of the late war Greatcoat models too much, sawed the heads away and - whuups - nice alternate style Pulp US troops!

Patton visits the front...

M24 and M3 Half-track from Sands Models, Patton and driver from Bolt Action minis and the .30cal HMG from Artizan.

The ranges are working quite well together IMO.











The M24 Chaffee is again from Sands Models. Rough kit with plenty of air bubbles you have to cover somehow...

The M4A1 Shermans above are from S&S minis (Sandsmodels). I kitted the tank out with some 1/48 Tamiya stowage and some parts of the stowage pack made by S&S.


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