Pacific War

Chindit and USMC Bar Gunner (Warlord BAM), Japanese Officer (West Wind)


Chindit Rifle Section (Warlord BAM)
Chindit Recce Section (Warlord BAM)

Chindit Bren Section (Warlord BAM)
Chindit Radio Team (Warlord BAM)
Chindit Mortar Team (Warlord BAM)
Chindit Medic (Warlord BAM)
Chindit Command Section (Warlord BAM)
Chindits in the jungle (Warlord BAM)


USMC Command Squad (Warlord BAM)

USMC Sergeant, Corporal and Private (Warlord BAM)

USMC Medic and Private (Warlord BAM)

USMC Radioteam (Warlord BAM)


Type 100 O-I Superheavy Tank (1/72 World at Arms model, crew Milicast)

O-I was the name given to a proposed series of Japanese super-heavy tanks, to be used in the Pacific Theatre. The vehicle was truly a behemoth and similar in size to the German Maus. Exact information is lacking however and many claims contradict each other; it is unknown whether the vehicle was truly built or ever saw combat.

Type 100 O-I Superheavy Tank (1/72 World at Arms model, crew Milicast)

Type 100 O-I Superheavy Tank (1/72 World at Arms model, crew Milicast) and Maus

Type 95 Ha-Go (Quality Casting)

Type 97 Shinhoto (Quality Casting)

Airfix Jungle Outpost and Infantry, Milicast tank

Some West Wind IJA Soldiers are also finished, see below...

West Wind IJA HMG

West Wind IJA LMG

West Wind IJA Jungle Fighter / Sniper

Company B AT Gun team

Company B SNLF Type 95 Ha-Go Tank

West Wind IJA Soldier and Company B Te-Ke Tankette

1/56 - 28 mm Company B Japanese Type 97 Te-Ke tankette

1/72 - 20 mm Milicast Japanese Type 97 Shinhoto,
In late 1942, Japan decided to improve both the hull and turret of the Type 97. The result was the Shinhoto, armed with a 47mm Type 1 gun and two 7.7mm MGs. The Shinhoto’s name means “new turret” and it was arguably the best overall tank design produced by the Japanese during the war.

1/72 - 20 mm Milicast Japanese Type 97 Ha-Go tank

Early War IJA army

IJA Teishin Shudan Paratrooper Squad

1/72 Ho-Ni (SHQ model, crew by Milicast)

1/72 - 20 mm Airfix Japanese Army Command squad

1/72 - 20 mm Airfix Japanese Army Rifle squad

Milicast Japanese Type 4 Light Tank "Ke-Nu"
When the Type 97 "Chi-Ha" was upgraded to the "Shinhoto" variant, the redundant turrets and their armament were fitted to the Type 95 to produce this variant.

Milicast Japanese Type 98 Light Tank
The Type 98 was introduced in late 1942 and differed from the original Type 95 by the substitution of the larger turret from the Type 2 "Ka-Mi" armed with a 47mm gun.

Milicast Japanese Type 2 Ka-Mi Amphibious Tank  
The "Ka-Mi" was intoduced into service in 1942. With a crew of five this Light Amphibious Tank was based on the Type 95 but with a wholly redesigned hull and came with two detatchable sponsons.
When they came ashore the sponsons would be jettisoned and the tank then continued as a normal light gun tank.Used by both the Army and the Marines, they saw considerable action.


Early War Commonwealth Army

1/72 Grant (Hasegawa model)

Stuart Honeys (Britannia models, crewman Hasegawa)

Stuart Honeys (Britannia models, crewman Hasegawa)

Eureka Australian Rifle squad

Eureka Australian 3” Mortar Team

Eureka Australian HMG Team

HäT Gurkhas




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