Artizan WWII Italians

The most famous fascist militia in Italy was the Blackshirts, officially known as Milizia Volontaria per la Sicurezza Nazionale (MVSN). The main function of the Blackshirts were the defence of the fascist regime but it was also used for various police duties. It also raised Blackshirt battalions (that were assigned for regular army divisions), Blackshirt Divisions (made up of only Blackshirt troops), handled post-military training and supplied personnel to various other military tasks, such as air-defence.
I decided to paint my Italians as part of the MVSN 11th Blackshirt Legion that was involved in the Italian Invasion of British Somaliland 1940.

NZWM WWII Semovente 75/18

Warlord (Bolt Action) WWII Parcadudisti


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