Weird War

Dreamforge - Eisenkern Trooper

Dreamforge has recently created some nice multipart SF/ weird war troopers that fit into many lines. I will use them as weird war Germans. The above 5 man squad is from the older metal line.

Ada below is from the plastic KS. The Sniper scope is from a GW kit, the additional equipment from the Dreamforge Stormtrooper accessories kit.

Size comparison below:

WIP - Dreamforge Kriegsmarine body with Statuesque Minis Female Resistance Fighter Head - will be used as New DAK Bodyguard Trooper

Tannhäuser - Yula

It is now 1949 and the Great War has never ended. Over the last 35 years, neither the Union nor the Reich has succeeded in tipping the precarious balance of power far enough to claim victory. But darker allies are being awoken and ancient rules of warfare, long forgotten, are about to be brought onto the battlefield. In the heart of Central Europe, secular crypts, hiding the Obscura Cardinal Cornerstones, have just been discovered.“

That is the intro for Tannhäuser a very nice and beautifully presented board game. The characters are pre-painted. The shown mini is Yula.

Yula Korlïtz – At the age of 19, Yula Korlïtz and her twin sister Anna orchestrated and perpetrated a successful assault on the British Museum during the massive London bombardment of 1941. Several esoteric artifacts of great value were secured for the Reich during the raid and the Korlïtz sisters singled out for special assignments. Unfortunately, during Anna's next assignment she accompanied an exploratory mission into the Dead Lands. The entire expedition was lost.
Yula, on the other hand, was assigned to special training and dispatched on dangerous missions behind enemy lines, during the operation of which she dispatched numerous enemy soldiers in close-quarters combat. She remains one of the Kaiser's most capable and deadly agents.”



Artizans Pulp style Thrilling Tales Nachtjaeger. I wanted a more “realistic” look for them. So I decided to use historic German Fallschirmjaeger colours. The smock is painted in splinter camo, the armour in Luftwaffe Grau.

Project X Power Armour Trooper

A German Power Armour Soldat by North Stars Project X line. The mini is 1/48 scale, but fits IMO very well to 28 mm minis.

The second mini is a conversion of another Project X German Power Armour Soldat, this time with a rocket pack. The pack is scratch build from some 1/48 plastic kit bombs, some GW flamer parts and some Plasticard.

The third black Officer is also from the Project X range. “Upgraded” with a Darkson design head, GW Space Marine arms and a Bolt Action Miniatures MG 42.


Küchenschabe Teams - Gear Krieg

Full background here. The models are from GZGs 15mm SF line, while the controller is a Zombie Controller from Westwinds SotR range.

Mad Scientist - Artizan

Just a nice weird war model with a simple conversion. The Scientist is from Artizan, the Retro SF raygun is from Hydra Miniatures Galacteers range.


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