Mini Comparison

Miniatures Comparison

One thing that is really great about all historical wargaming, is the fact that you can mix miniatures from different lines. But not all miniatures work quite well together. Below I have listed the 6 WW2 companies that IMO fit together.

Bolt Action
In my opinion the new shining star on the WW2 sky. Price: 1,5 EURO/mini, Range still growing, but very promising. Casting quality: some of the best I have seen so far. Nice sculpting. They have very nice command units. If you are looking for medics or “sparks”, this is the company to look.

Great range. Price: 1,5 EURO/mini. Very nice and unique sculpts, casting is also good enough. Recommended! Still my favourite for Africa and very recently the late war.

Good enough range of minis. Price: 1,5 EURO/mini. Good enough casting, nice sculpt (But: IMO the minis look a bit fat). They work very well with Artizans mini. The equipment seems to be the same.

Black Tree
Huge range. Price: 1,5 EURO/mini. Casting: OK, some older minis are quite bad sculpted.

Victory Force
Good enough range. Very high Price: 2,5 EURO/mini!
Sculpting has a lot of detail, the faces are quite bad. Casting: Good. The range has some very unique models (like the Vampir Nachtjaeger). The real downside is the high price. But watch out for specials!

West Wind
Their older range was a bit small to fit with the other companies. That has changes since WW has introduced their 'separate head system'. Price: 1,5 EURO/mini. The figure above is from the Secrets of the 3rd Reich range.

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