Late War Germans

Late War Germans

By sheer coincidence I got interested in the Ardennes campaign. The good thing is that there are right now a lot of really nice models around to support this interest. West Wind is doing real nice Panthers, NZWM has a growing horde of nice WW2 minis, Artizans infantry is a s gorgeous as ever, Bolt Action minis is pumping out mini after mini and Black Tree and Victory minis fit well to them all.

The Panther above is from West Wind, the 251 from NZWM and the infantry from Artizan.

The SdKfz 251 is another fine model from NZWM, the gunner is from Bolt Action Miniatures and the rest of the minis is from Artizan. And the beauty of it all: products of 3 different companies work together like a charm. One of the nice things about historical wargaming...

Artizan has  produced a good range of late war Germans. Nice models as expected by Mike Owen.

I decided to paint the minis in real cold (winter feel) colours. The colours are inspired by an illustration from Ospreys Campaign book #5.



Some more Artizan minis...

Spähtrupp (Artizan), SdKfz 250 Neu (BAM)

Command Group and AT Team

Halfsection with MG

Halfsection with Panzerfaust

SdKfz 251/10 with AT Gun, vehicle by NZWM, crew by BAM

During the final months of World War 2, the German military came up with another ‘wonder weapon” in an attempt to change the tide of battle. This was the ZG 1229 Vampir infrared site for the STG 44 assault rifle. This thing was heavy, about 5 lbs. and was connected to a 30 lbs. battery support pack designed to be carried on the soldiers back.

Late War Fallschirmjäger

4 Fallschirmjäger minis from Black Tree. I plan to use them together with the Ardennes campaign late war Germans further up the page. Again the aim was a cold, bitter feel for the minis. I was really pleased with the overall result.

Radio controlled 1:54 Tiger I

The model is from Ripmax. I saw it online and was immediately reminded on my late war project. The model is great fun. Moves forward, backward, turns and the turret is also remote controlled. You can even fire the gun remotely and gives you even a nice recoil effect!

Recently I decided to give the tank a serious repaint and some weathering, the tank looked too much “out of the factory” for my taste.

Waffenkammer Pz IV 1:56

The new vehicle kid on the block: Waffenkammer. A Canadian company that produces Resin WW II vehicles that are perfect for 28mm wargaming. The Pz IV above comes complete with skirts and all. I wanted a more battle damaged look and therefore did not mounted the turret skirts.

Panther G 1:56

Another fantastic resin kit sculpted by Anthony Ashcroft, virtually no flash and all the details you can expect by the master of WW II 1/56 vehicles! The picture will probably be on the cover of the World at War: German Vehicle Compendium.

Puma 1:56

Also from Waffenkammer and on par with the above kits!

Bolt Action resin SdKfz 251/7 1:56

Another beautiful vehicle kit from Bolt Action. Very nice interior and a good addition to every German force.






Force of Arms fine resin vehicles StuG III G 1:56

FoA is a quite low profile company that produces very fine 1/56 scale vehicles for the growing Modern and WW2 28 mm market.

You can only reach them by e-mail but you can download the latest catalogue here.





The shown StuG III G does not seem to be in their catalogues anymore, a shame it is very nice kit and works perfectly with the Waffenkammer Pz IV!


See below for yourself!


Bolt Action resin Hetzer 1:56

Another incredible nice vehicle kit from Bolt Action. The MG is optional. The antenna is scratch build using a piece of wire and some component glue at the bottom.

I have painted the Hetzer in the colours used by the 167. Volksgrenadier Division during the Ardennes campaign. Basically the factory applied coat of red primer with some hard edges pattern of stripes and patches in dark yellow and white that was then suitably weathered and dirtied.



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