28 mm Vehicles from Antony Ashcroft

Tony is a guy from New Zealand who has just started a big range of nice resin vehicles suitable for 28 mm miniatures. I have ordered some of his vehicles (The Panzer II, a Hanomag 251 and a Sonderkraftfahrzeug 222) and I am quite pleased so far.

Casting quality is OK. Some air bubbles, some flash on the metal parts. The 251 is without MG34, Tony prefers to drop a standing MG fig in there (without the base and not glued) such as Foundry, Crusader or BTD. The Crusader one works fine.
I was also a bit amazed how small the models are, but after some serious web research I came to the conclusion, that they are just right. I am just used to the oversized GW-Style...
The following photos prove that the scale is right.
The 2 DAK minis are from Artizan.

Panzer II

Another fine model from NZWM. I painted the mini in the colours for my DAK Germans. The tank commander is from Bolt Action. They custom made minis to accompany the vehicles of NZWM. Hopefully a long lasting and productive joint venture. The minis in the back are from Artizan.

Panzer IV F2

One of the later models from NZWM. Best of all the NZWM German models IMO. Very crisp details and good casting. Highly recommended. The tank is delivered as the D version. Since I do not like the look of the short barrelled D I decided to give it a bigger gun. The Gun is from a FoA kit. Looks more or less as a IV F2 to me.

Again I painted the mini in the colours for my DAK Germans. The tank commander is from Bolt Action.



SdKfz 251

Another fine model from NZWM. One more version of the 251, this time in DAK colours. The helmets near the Gun shield are from Bolt Action, the Gunner is from Crusader and the 251 from NZWM. 28 mm got some support these days...

I painted this mini in the colours for my late war Germans. See the “WW2/Late War Germans” section for another more crowded picture. The gunner is from Bolt Action.


Recently I also got an English tank from Tony. The good old Matilda. This model was so nice that I had to paint it right away. I have the feeling that Tony is constantly improving.


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